The question ‘what happened’ will elicit answer that gives account of the occurrence of an event in a passive sense and, often, in past tense. It can even give a vivid account of the way an event unfolded, but it basically accounts for what transpires in the course of an event in the form of report(ing). The question ‘how it happened’ usually attracts/attempts a graphic illustration of how an event unfolds. It elicits a lucid account of sequence or order of occurrence in the overall event. These (‘what’ and ‘how’), no doubt, are insightful to understanding any given phenomenon, but the ‘why’ question is not only penetrating; it unveils illuminating aspects of ‘what’ is undergirding social phenomenon and ‘how’ such undertone(s) accounts for their manifest forms.

The ‘why’ question is the story of The UNTOLD. The story that contains, and illuminates on the what, how, where, and when of a given phenomenon. The ‘why’ is the only question which, when asked, gives insight of and meaning to how, what and when of an event or phenomenon. The UNTOLD is the story of the lingering but unattended questions in our midst. The UNTOLD unravels the mysteries and reasons surrounding social happenstances, both in their remote context, immediate causes, and broader ramifications and implications. THE UNTOLD!

It is a silly waste of time, temper and money to compel a vast majority to do that which they are determined not to do - W.E.B DuBois

What Do You Know (What Do You Have)? The 4 Squares (or Squad)

  • Who have you helped? Who has benefited from you? (Up)
  • What have you done with it? (Right)
  • Is it useful to you and your society? (Down)
  • What are you doing with it now? (Left)